It's your attitude, not your address, that matters most.

– Parent of NHF Scholarship Recipient


In our neighborhood, every student matters and every dollar counts.


I enjoy going to school because it fills me, it makes me whole. It is part of what keeps me going every day.

– NHF Scholarship Recipient


Education = Opportunity = Success

Edikasyon = Opotinite = Sikse`


$1,000 can change someone's life, I’ve seen it happen.

– Scholarship Committee Member


Our Impact

We help a young person acquire the skills they will need to succeed in life. Along with financial support the NHF provides valuable tracking, mentoring, and important soft-skills coaching—all with an eye on a young person’s life trajectory, from cradle to career.


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The Norwalk Housing Authority (NHA) created the Norwalk Housing Foundation (NHF), a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, to raise money for college scholarships and other educational services for low-income families. Our overall mission is to help reshape the housing authority’s relationship with residents, helping them to get from housing of last resort to opportunities for a better life through education.