What is Tuition Break?
The New England Board of Higher Education’s
Regional Student Program (RSP) Tuition Break
enables eligible students to be charged a tuition
rate that is significantly lower than the regular
out-of-state tuition rate.
Tuition rates and savings vary by institution
and are posted on NEBHE’s website. The
current average annual savings for a full-time
student is $8,000.
How to be eligible
Connecticut residents are eligible for degree
programs that are not offered by Connecticut’s
public colleges or universities, and are offered
through Tuition Break by public colleges and
universities in the other five New England

How to apply
• Select a college that offers a degree
program approved through the RSP
Tuition Break.
• Complete the college’s admissions
application and declare an RSP Tuition
Break degree program as the intended
• Once accepted to the college, confirm with
admissions that the college has granted
RSP Tuition Break status.